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Friday, February 07, 2014

Franchise for Humanity - Come join us at Stanford University Feb 20-21

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, one o...
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, one of California's most famous landmarks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After 4 years working to bring together people to think about their aspirations for the future of health - I co-founded the California Health Corps with Bill Daul - human connector extraordinaire! For it comes down to us - do we care enough about our health and the health of our families, neighbours and those in our community - to do something.

Here in California, home of some of the most wonderful scenic beauty and the intellectual advances that have changed the world - Silicon Valley, Life Sciences, the Internet and more, some of us feel a greater sense of responsibility due to having received so much!

So we are organizing Franchise for Humanity as a place for dialog to move into action, for building relationships able to sustain us for the long journey "to a more perfect union" that is possible when human beings care for one another's ability and seek out opportunities for each other to thrive.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area on Feb 20 and 21 in 2014, come and join us. Its a unique opportunity to interact with a select group of thinkers and leaders in Silicon Valley who deeply care about making the future one where resources can offer opportunity to the most disenfranchised.

Stanford (Photo credit: TitaniumDreads)
If the registration fee appears steep - write to me in comments and we will consider you for partial or full scholarships - we need to know what it is you want to do, and if we think we can help you, we will get back to you.

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Friday, September 06, 2013

Free Access to MIT Entrepreneurship around the World - Course materials

Entrepreneurship around the world is a new course launched out of MIT, and the Baseline Scenario is letting everyone know about how to get access to to it.

Feel free, and feel greatly encouraged by me to

Spread the word!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

@MIT.....reunion reflections on Time and Change

Coming back after many years, the MIT campus is both the same in some ways and different in others.
Meeting classmates and faculty makes me reflect on how they and I have stayed the same and how in other ways we have changed.

Sitting in the Stratton Student Center @MIT the TV screens are new (to me) and display "Congratulations 2013 Graduates"....some very happy families and friends saw the rain-soaked graduation last Friday. It was raining the day I graduated here, so this is a familiar story as we were soaked too.

MIT is rethinking higher education - and invites you to join the conversation at www.Future.MIT.edu

They have been doing so for many years, being the first to offer lectures online at no cost, through MIT OpenCourseWare ....and now EdX is another initiative investigating what the classroom of 2020 will be like. While in Singapore in April, I visited SUTD, the Singapore University of Technology and Design which is a collaboration by MIT and the Singapore government in setting up undergraduate education that emphasizes Active Learning. In brief, this seems to involve work-study all along the way  so that theory collides with practice, hypothesis meets reality.

I think its a good thing for students and faculty together to develop the tolerance that is needed to get things done in life and society.  Tolerance,  for human interaction in all its high and low points, combined with patience, compassion and perseverance will always be needed by those who want to do things at a high bar.

The thing that strikes me as MOST the SAME, in coming back to MIT, is the sense of highly intelligent, highly motivated people wanting to serve the world, by contributing the best they have been endowed with by genes, by family, by experience, and by luck.

It's great to be back, and breathe that air. After being away so long, I needed the refresher!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Homo Sapiens evolving to Homo Socio-Sapiens

Thoughts for spring..... we are evolving and this is a fast part of a long cycle

Humans have been evolving and its been happening over so long, the changes have generally been so slow, we mostly don't take it into account in the course of one human life.

When I compare how I grew up to how my daughter grew up - I biked around the neighborhood every day after school - for fun! She walked to Borders books with friends - and they missed it terribly when the store closed - so much so, they bought souvenirs for each other when they sold the store fittings.

My social circle was limited to the folks I saw in school, the neighbors and local cousins plus a penpal in New Zealand.

Her social circle is unlimited - she is part of a tribe she joined on the Internet: At a young age, she wanted to go to LA to be part of the first Youtube conference put on by the Vlogbrothers & friends! So I went and was part of it too. It felt like the average age was 16 years, .... 12 year olds accompanied by one of their parents. I think there were 2000 people there in that sold out conference at the Century City hotel on the Avenue for the Stars. It was fun for parents too!

We host people as part of the AirBnb network - its like staying at home and the world comes to visit! I realized how different a life we lead than most because our visitors tell us.... "I have never stayed in a house with so many magazines (Atlantic, New Yorker, Harpers, the Economist, etc) and the New York Times newspaper delivered daily"

My life is so different from my mother's that she has been saying for decades that she has no idea what I do for a living, but it seems to involve computers. She tried to learn but never could get the hang of it - she actually went to a class with friends - and for none of them would it "take".

Yesterday my sister from Singapore sent me photos that she'd taken during my visit home for my mother's birthday. They arrive in an envelope in a card, in the mail delivered by a postman - and my husband exclaimed "Nobody prints out regular photos anymore, much less mail them to anyone!"  I liked them very much, its nice to get actual photos that I can frame - thank you Sis!

 Just this morning, I woke up and signed up for an Indiegogo project and found one that my daughter might like so sent a link to her.

Thinking about how differently lives are lived in the course of 3 generations: my mother, myself, my daughter.... I think we have reached a speeded up part of human evolution.

When the first living animals crawled out of the sea onto land, they lived a different life from their parents.

Even my daughter was born before the mobile phone was prevalent - by the time the next generation grows up, they will not know what it is like to live without being able to contact anyone in the world - synchronously or via the Internet asynchronously - at any place, at any moment.

Are we crawling out from inside our own heads, into a shared head space with the rest of the world - connected by mobile devices?

Thanks to the folks in Singapore from "we are social" for creating the video below which triggered these thoughts on a beautiful morning in Spring.

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