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Sunday, December 12, 2010

TEDxBayArea Women - Tara VanDerveer - Half Time Adjustments

Great halftime talk by Tara VanDerveer - terrific advice about adjusting your game based on what's happening. Bootstrapping, Feedback - how we react is as important as our planning.

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At TedWomen, Leaders Tell Us *How* Women Can Run the World | Women's Voices For Change

So happy we put on this great event that highlighted so many voices! We started with our poem rif on Edna St Vincent Millay, adapted for the occasion

Upon Our gifted age in our dark hour
Falls from the sky a meteoric shower of Stories
Wisdom enough to nurture lives and grow joy is being spun today
Let us here create the loom of intention
To weave women's wisdom into the fabric of our daily lives

Deb Bowen - California Secretary of State and only the 6th woman to be elected to state-wide office, you rock!

At TedWomen, Leaders Tell Us *How* Women Can Run the World | Women's Voices For Change

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Social Radio - example from Dell

If we want to build a community, how about thinking beyond a daily newsletter, how about radio?
Manish Mehta, VP Social Media & Communities at Dell used this term at the end of this videa (starting around the 3 minute mark). He talked about how employees within Dell needed to turn on their social radio to find out how well Dell as a company is perceived as doing the following "Listen" "Engage" "Act" and the Act as management consultant Dave Gardner says is not about being proactive, but being appropriately, relevantly and usefully Reactive to customers.

How are you tuning into your social radio? To anticipate what you need to do to serve your customers? How are your employees being mindful of the needs of the customers? And how can they go beyond being mindful and frustrated but being mindful and responsive?

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Friday, December 10, 2010

TEDxBayArea Women - Dominique Crenn - Remembering: A Chef's Pledge to Ou...

The VERY BEST talk of the day by Iron Chef-Beater, Dominique Crenn

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TEDxBayArea Women - John Hagel - The Big Shift:Challenge and Opportunity...

We had a GREAT day at the TEDxBayArea TEDWomen event at SAP in Palo Alto. John Hagel was one of 20 speakers but he truly stood out as a man who "gets it" and is predicting that the rise of the feminine archtetype is needed and important for climbing out of the hole we are in

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Friday, December 03, 2010

The Mother of All Demos

December 9 2010 will be the 42nd anniversary of the Mother of all Demos, so its timely to highlight this great 5 minute video of an important moment in technology history. The link goes to Doug Engelbart's 2003 paper presented at IBM's Co Evolution Symposium - on the co-evolution of Human and Tool Systems.

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