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Thursday, December 01, 2011

The New Journalism, The Great Transformation and the Inifinity 8

I am so happy with this work that Eileen Clegg and I designed for the Innovation Journalism conference at Stanford - See the video as journalists and others reflected and then told the story which you may have missed in the earlier blog post I made below back in May

The story continues with the recent conference I attended in Barcelona on Knowledge Federation, The New Journalism.

We developed from an iconic image, the Infinity 8, an understanding of the New Journalism - Ramon Sanguesa was able to capture our wide ranging discussion in this picture with an explanation, WOW

a) little actions bring big changes: a little story, like a butterfly, can create a positive change storm
b) People tell a what (their story) and share it with the rest in search of a why that explains how a bigger effect took (or can take) place. Different people connect in the process to do and action in the world. They see what the effect of the action (doing) was and that is the beginning of another cycle, that could expand to another (meta)level, plane or world.
c) The lower part of the vertical infinity eight hints at the process of working on scanning of potentially good pieces of knowledge (or stories) and people ("spikes") ,data gathering, knowledge creation, debate, argumentation, data and knowledge visualization,.
d) The second part of the vertical infinity eight hints at the action in the world, and the observation of its consequences.and the gathering of knowledge of this process at a different level.
d) If you think about journalism, the lower part is devoted to writing the story. The upper part with telling the story  AND creating action in the world as well. So we see the media as place to come up with solutions to questions, which include creating actions in the world to solve them.
e) If you thing about systemic innovation, then the lower part is about gathering knowledge and actors and starting a process The upper part is devoted to actually launch the process into the world and observe its consequences, and then gather new knowledge, specially knowledge about the process of ... systemic innovation.
f) The different colors refer to this different "levels", "planes" or "worlds". The main idea to convey is that the processes is the same everywhere but it creates different effects and different types of knowledge: one level is the metalevel of the other, one world can act as a metalevel for other. In the present logo I have just used the worlds of journalism, education and systemic innovation. So in has some type of fractality into it.

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