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Saturday, December 02, 2006

touch the earth

Read this book -

One of the wondeful things about the work I am doing in Oklahoma is getting imbued with the Native American spirit.

The book Touch the Earth is available used for 64 cents on Amazon

The native American spirit has so much we can learn from, the oratory is magnificent, the sense of belonging to the earth is so deep.

Read this book to learn about Oratory, about the native American spirit that has the power to bring back to life the heart of business - which is about

CONNECTING with each other to enable a better future for all.

Here are some words that touched me:

In writing to the powerful who had chased them from their lands, to George Washington when he was President

"We know that you are strong
we have heard that you are wise
and now we wait to receive your answer to what we have said
that we may know if you are just."

Black Hawk to General H. Atkinson, 1833 who had captured him and held him prisoner till his death, in his dedication to the general of Black Hawks autobiography

"I am now an obscure member of a nation that formerly honored and respected my opinions. The path to glory is rough and many gloomy hours obscure it.

May the Great Spirit shed light on yours -

and may you never experience the humilty that the power of the American government has reduced me to,
is the wish of him, who in his native forests
was once as proud and bold as yourself."