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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Great Transformation of Journalism - Innovation Journalism emerges

Visualization Innovation - Last Tuesday we presented a workshop at Stanford's 8th Innovation Journalism conference which created a collective view of the Great Transformation of Journalism.

Eileen Clegg of www.VisualInsight.net and I conceptualized and designed a Visual Puzzle to represent the Great Transformation that Journalism is undergoing - we used the puzzle pieces to get participants to share their thoughts and together craft a sentence about the transformation from each table reflecting the future of journalism with changes in Technology, Journalism and the Knowledge Ecology. This video shows it all coming together, into a picture of re-birth and new growth. The roots are strong. Narrative will live in new ways in the Great Transformation.

Thanks to Irene Nelson for Graphic Recording and pulling the puzzle pieces together.
Credit to Bill Daul for great photography and Video animation using Animoto.

Thank you to all InJo8 participants - I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

MIT OpenCourseWare: I'm invested

Quantified Self Weight Loss Management - Social Strategies and Social Sabotage

Click on the link to get the Slideshare posting of the talk I gave on my experience as a subject within a 2 year study on Weight Loss Maintenance. This talk was given at the Quantified Self 2011 Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View California.

The most valuable part of participating was to learn HOW MUCH social support and social assertiveness was key to weight loss and maintenance. The world is filled with so many ways that socially sabotage us in losing weight and keeping it off. Of course will power is necessary too, but I found that the teamwork and social support of being in the program which met weekly for 6 months was essential. The other key factor was that weight loss was not the only goal. It was one of 4, the others were: Quality of Life, Active Lifestyle, Balanced Nutrition.

Creating and giving the talk brought home the importance of working to converge the Personal Science of QS'ers as the Quantified Self practitioners call ourselves, with the Professional Science that gives us treatments, devices and drugs approved by the FDA. Its not going to be easy, but lots of people are working on it.

A standout at the conference was wwww.ProjectHealthDesign.org funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - taking everyday observations and connecting them to improve health and prevent crisis/illness. Tina Park and Patty Heronnen gave great talks on different projects within the initiative. Kudos to RWJ for being so future minded. UPDATE 9/11/11 - The community for health activists at WeGo Health TV created a video of me giving this talk - you can watch it here

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Right Way To Get Employees To Collaborate

yep, he's right.

The folly of rewarding IT for buying software while hoping for collaboration. When will we learn to listen and understand first?

I'm working on the health futures community project where I'm pondering these questions, if you have tips, hints, leads to good stuff - let me know!

The Right Way To Get Employees To Collaborate

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Monday, May 09, 2011

IJ-8 Conference: May 24: World Economic Forum IJ-8 Workshop

I'll be facilitating the interactive workshop in parallel with World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellow Derek O'Halloran's plenary session on The Great Transformation. Do come and join us - a Stanford conference that gets my highest ratings for interest, intellect and insight - every year: The 8th annual Innovation Journalism conference brings the story tellers together to ponder Whither and What next?

Register at http://www.certain.com/system/profile/form/index.cfm?PKformID=0x1067193b84a

The price of $50 per day is unbeatable value.

IJ-8 Conference: May 24: World Economic Forum IJ-8 Workshop: "THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION Interactive Workshop Organized by the World Economic Forum and IJ-8. Falling costs and exploding access to infor..."

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