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Monday, April 30, 2012

Health as a Team Sport

As a regular author at Global Customer Experience Management (G-CEM) here is my latest contribution Voice of the Customer - Health as a Team Sport, I was interested to see how to align the leading topics of Voice of the Customer with the work I have been doing in Federal Health Futures. While much of our work is under wraps, a few us recently presented last month at SxSW, in Austin Texas and I was able to draw on that material to share with the wider world. It's great to high light the terrific work being done by Julia Hoffman and Ida Sim on WWW.OPENMHEALTH.ORG which is the new field of open source applications for mobile health applications.and also to make the case for Health by Design - using design thinking as an alternative approach to linear sequential thinking to address the challenges of living healthy and staying healthy.

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