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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Going the Extra Mile for Service - in Singapore

I got a glimpse of how a country might set about improving service during a recent visit to Singapore with Paul Greenberg.

Gosh, he's a trooper. Just there for 6 days, we visited with many people all around Singapore, talking about Customers, Citizens and their relationships to the organizations of business and government. Read all about it in his blog of January 30th. He made an impression in Singapore, very generously sharing his expertise. And Singapore made an impression on him.

The word Trust came up a lot in those conversations. How to build relationships through service and developing trust. Yesterday, Social Customer Manifesto author, Chris Carfi pointed me at Christopher Allen's blog on the concept of Progressive Trust,

Neat stuff. Now let's link Customer Experience Management with the concept of Progressive Trust and we'll really be talking!

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