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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Social CRM - turns CRM into Customer Managed Relationship

I found this fascinating quote today:


Social CRM [...] extends CRM from being something predominantly inside-out, to something that extends out into the conversations that customers are having between themselves. If we want to engage customers we need to really understand [...] the jobs customers are trying to do and the outcomes they are trying to achieve by doing them. This is best practice in understanding customer needs today [...] Once we understand what customers need, we can innovate around delivering exactly that [...]. And we can use service-dominant logic to provide experience platforms that allow customers to co-create value together with companies. Co-creating value with customers is the modern definition of customer-centricity.

contactcenterintelligence.wordpress.com, What A Social CRM Strategy is all about.. «, Sep 2009


You should read the whole article.


Phil call centers said...

where is the link to the original post? can i ask you for your reason on why you decided to repost this stuff? :D

Mei Lin Fung said...

Thanks Phil for pointing out the missing link - the original article at http://contactcenterintelligence.wordpress.com/ was useful in summarizing several leading thinker's views on Social CRM

My own view is that people want to manage their relationships with the businesses they choose to patronize - and the more convenient the better. What's your view?