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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Doug Engelbart's call for improving how we improve: Investing in a new future

Since David Nordfors has brought Doug Engelbart back to view, here is a quote which may inspire you to look at Engelbart's 2002 speech in Singapore at the World Library Summit and a later version given at the IBM Co-Evolution Symposium in 2003 - click on the title above to get to the text of the speech - the eloquence of the call to action is enhanced by the assistance of Bill Zoellick who worked over a period of 6 months with Engelbart to bring the pieces together in a 30+ page paper.

"Wisdom has to do with not only intuiting the long view, understanding systems in the context of their larger whole, but also acting in resonance with what is known as true and lasting. Only wisdom can guide effective decisions on how we invest our attention, both individual and organizational, in the conditions of galloping "complexity multiplied by urgency." - Doug Engelbart

MIT OpenCourseWare: I'm invested


chinarut said...

this sounds really great - i suspect you've given me a reference to this speech before and would definitely like to revisit it - i did a quick search for an MP3 - do have a pointer to the speech i can download to my iPod?

Mei Lin Fung said...

sigh... no mp3 - there was a video tape of the speech but it was on old technology and now we have no player for the recording.

So we just have the transcript, does an ipod have the facility to do read aloud like the ebooks?