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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Dilbert Paradox – "How do you develop talent in the face of the stultifying effect of the work environment?"

The Power of Pull - John Hagel talking at TEDxBayArea

Tip of the hat to Rich Reader:

The sixth proposition of the “Power of Pull” asserts that workers become stressed out and ineffective when their passions are totally disconnected from their jobs. John Hagel asks executives to think about the increasing pressures that accompany the long term shift. How do passionate workers cope with the suppression of their questing dispositions amid unexpected challenges? How do the impassionate workers rationally avoid the challenges, ignore them, paper them over, hide from them, and wish that they would just go away. Passionate workers see challenges through a different lens, as matters of intense interest for which they will stretch beyond their comfort zones, and seek out the team members who will help them to overcome said challenges. Rather than waiting for these challenges to come to them, the passionate seek out the challenges.

How to design our work environments so that people develop on the job day to day?

YES - You have to "rethink day to day operations, rethink IT" and more - and Hagel says "its off the charts for most CEO's"

That sounds like we have a fabulous opportunity to capture the most passionate, talented people in the world !

Congratulations to Tatyana Kanzaveli, my co-organizer of TEDxBayArea for pulling together and amazing event - we have John Hagel talking about the shift from knowledge stocks to knowledge flows.

Rich Reader created a capsule overview of the whole event at the link above - click on the title, and decide whether to read or view the 4 highlight video snippets.

What do YOU think?

PS Here's a preliminary look at our TEDxBayArea event December 8 2010 - in conjunction with TEDWomen - Click here to apply for a scholarship

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