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Friday, October 29, 2010

A maturity model for customer service

Gary Lemke, the genius behind CRM Advocate was writing a series of daily columns about whether or not we need a role of "Chief Apology Officer:.

I was struck by the idea of people creating problems so they could have more apologies to make, and therefore a long list of "accomplishments".

So Gary and I had an exchange on email, where I urged him to "go all the way" in identifying the maturity level of organizations in relationship to this topic of "apology".

To get him started, I suggested this ladder:

Level 0 - ain't no need for no stinkin' apology

Level 1 - maybe we outta start saying we're sorry

Level 2 - howsabout we think about fixin summa this stuff? we're tired of hearing complaints day in day out

Level 3 - we don'have to fix it if we don't let the bad stuff happen - what we gotta do to avoid these potholes we keep falling into

Level 4 - now its pretty boring 'cause things kinda work, maybe we could make it more fun for us and our customers, after all we deal with each other every day?

Level 5 - Business is Delovely! Delightful, delectable, delirious,
delicious, it's DELOVELY. Credit to Cole Porter.

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