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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Social Network Strategies

I'm preparing for my keynote talk at the Women's Leadership Forum and find myself caught up in the Tiger Mom controversy. Wow, that really struck a chord internationally.

All mothers (and fathers) do the very best they can to be the very best parent for their children - I am convinced that this is one of those "nature-given" qualities.

So the Tiger Mom issue resonates in many ways - what is "best approach" to education at a time of great change? How can we prepare our children for the future?

This blog is about Customer Connections - so as retailers and enterprises look for social network strategies that work, there are quite a few lessons in the global reach of Amy Chua's new book and the controversial Wall Street Journal Article that kicked off this global discussion.

See below for the videos - one, an interview with Amy Chua in the US and the other, an animated description created in Chinese.


MIT OpenCourseWare: I'm invested

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OLympianmk said...

I was at the Women's Leadership Forum yesterday, and stayed till the end because you were the closing presenter. YOU ROCK...but you and others who know you, know that. Delighted to have found you. mk