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Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Time to Find Your Voice

What a great experience being on the steering committee for the Triple Helix Conference at Stanford. It was great to have a chance to reflect and write about the highlights of the conference at http://www.institute-of-event-management.com/time-find-your-voice

The two panels that I felt it most important to include in the conference were:

A. Knowledge Federation lead by Dino Karabeg, Professor of Computer Science from Oslo Norway (the terrible news of the slaughter of innocents has shocked us all around the world and our hearts go out to the families and friends). Rob Stephenson (the Harvey Project), Jack Park (XML Topic Maps Editor) and John Wilbanks of Creative Commons gave fascinating talks about different approaches to interlinking knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

B. Health as a Team Sport, lead by Dr. Ahmed Calvo, Senior Medical Officer of the 8000 federally funded HRSA clinics within the Department of Health and Human Services in the USA. John Hiles who drove the application of the simulation game: SIM city for the use of technical training in Oil refineries and health policy simulation. Dr. Michael Dinneen who is the Director of Strategy Management for the US Military Health System, and Luke Hohmann, CEO of Innovation Games

I was thrilled to get such high caliber dialog and discussion in both panels. The article that is linked to talks about the Trilicious Game that Luke Hohmann invented for teams to come up with creative solutions to triple helix challenges. What fun it was to play! What great new ideas emerged, it was wonderful to watch a full conference scale collaboration with teams at each table sharing insights from their different countries, combining ideas and coming up with innovations that were novel and significant.

MIT OpenCourseWare: I'm invested

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