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Monday, April 24, 2006

As a sculpture is hidden in a rough piece of stone

For some months now, I see myself as a work-in-progress - its a great way to get out of the perfectionism trap that I allowed to encircle me from my very young days

I'm sculpting my life each day, each hour a chance to chip away, to uncover something I care about

So today is something special, because someone has seen enough of the rough hewn stone that is my life to date, and can glimpse some of what I hope to be, to do, to contribute.

It means a lot to me to be seen as I would hope to be - even if I am far from complete - the sculpture is emerging.

Thank you to a wonderful human being Paul Greenberg http://www.the56group.typepad.com for being the best cheer leader who has just told the world what he sees when he looks at me! And listen out for Paul's Route 56 Podcasts - thinking fun inspiring, that's Paul.

PS - Just started reading Math and Mona Lisa by Bulent Atalay about Leonardo Da Vinci. The book reminded me of Michelangelo being the one who said that the sculpture is already there in the stone. Atalay said, for the scientist, the scientific law is already there in the data, waiting to be discovered.

Atalay is a Renaissance person, who sees in both art and science, that the human imagination is vital to seeing-it- when-others-don't and working to uncover it so others can see it too.

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