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Friday, April 14, 2006

We have so much to learn from Healthcare

In February I attended a Healthcare IT conference in San Diego.

25,000 delegates, 900 exhibitors.

The buzz was that one exhibitor spent $1M on its booth at the show.

Clearly healthcare IT is a very rich field.

Yet amongst all the many tracks, workshops, exhibitors and speakers I found one person who stood out head and shoulders above the rest as the future of Healthcare IT

Dr. Joel Berman - a physician in Concord New Hampshire.

He talked about how the doctors in his practice came to accelerate improvements in care for their patients with diabetes.

His story is a story about what it takes to lead the human changes in order to take advantage of technology.

How the doctors had to deal with an existential crisis of what it meant to be doctors. How using the computer help them focus on what it was that they as human beings brought to the doctor/patient relationship.

We have so much to learn from the thoughtful doctors who are faced with the huge challenge of embracing electronic medical records EMR or electronic health records EHR - this dictate has come from the top down in order to control healthcare costs, all medical institutions know they will be required to have EMR/EHR to support their practice.

I hope you'll click on the title link and read the interview with this thoughtful humane and dedicated doctor.

And if you read Chinese, the article in Chinese is at http://www.greaterchinacrm.org:8080/gb/content_details.jsp?contentid=2036&subjectid=107

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