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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Proven Principles of Social Networking - Lessons from the Kalahari Desert:

"People who made exquisite gifts and told enthralling stories would have been more successful in maintaining relationships."

Let's to go the anthropologists to understand social networks. Pauline Wiessner spoke in April 2009 at the Origins symposium in Arizona State University and is quoted in today's NY Times on how the !Kung of South Africa tend their social networks with loving care because they know "their networks are crucial to how they get past the hard times".

Principles summarized:

1. Use vivid Stories generate momentum and energy
2. Gifts that reflect thought and care for the recipient and show understanding of their interests and needs
3. "In Kind" exchanges are an implied contractual of the relationship, storing relationships for when they are needed
4. Maintain ties of mutual support with people outside of immediate group - diversity of ties provides insurance for hard times

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