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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Service Recovery achieved - Hooray

Back to my happy self again. Just received notification of cancelled credit card from Barclays. Time Magazine has stopped the automatic renewing of my subscription and will be refunding the charge to Barclays.

I was particularly pleased to receive yesterday, Monday (1 business day later) the notice of confirmation of credit card cancellation from Barclays which noted that the $24.95 was still outstanding but the card was being cancelled and I should destroy the card I have.

I am glad this is over. I just wish it could have been prevented.

On the positive side, had a very good call with La Quinta Inns reservations and I want to applaud the promptness, speed and friendliness of a human and effective interaction.

Best wishes from sunny California!
Mei Lin

PS Though I twittered about the event, I did not hear from any of the players.

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