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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Satisfaction with contact centers drives loyalty. Well duh!

Its like saying temperatures rise when its hot. Here's the logic:

1. Contact Centers make the most contacts and conduct the vast majority of interactions with customers for businesses who have contact centers
2. Contacts and human and internet interaction between a business and a customer drive customer loyalty
3. Therefore Contact centers drive customer loyalty for their businesses

Meanwhile, budgets for contact centers continue to be cut in the recession.

That's why Oklahoma Central's Workforce Investment Board put together the Customer Care Professional Apprenticeship Program !

First in the nation certified by the US Department of Labor.....

The US government is ahead of the game on this!

MIT OpenCourseWare: I'm invested


Rap_Music said...

Its all about pleasing the customer!

Mei Lin Fung said...

Customers like me, not fond of being treated like a sack of potatoes - we have minds, we think, and we expect more than jokes, jiggles, jingles and marketing pacifiers, and being an interruption to an employee's day