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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mindful Awareness – Bridge over Troubled Waters

Let me whisper in the gentle silence of reflection
Say “I pass” to pessimism on auto-pilot.
Upheaving the soul-crushing times
By purposeful intent, let me
Mindfully, feel and learn the way back to well being
MLF 9/11/11

On 9/11/11 I wrote a blog post for Whole Life Well Being... enabling me to take time to consider my response to the day, and the last decade. Thank you Gerald Wagner for giving me the opportunity to be one of the Whole Life panel of authors at www.WholeLifeWellBeing.org, which sprang out of Jerry's work as a senior scientist for Gallup on Well Being. Read it here

Mindful Awareness – Bridge over Troubled Waters

MIT OpenCourseWare: I'm invested

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